Forever Limitless Love

Forever Limitless Love

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ISBN: 9781631350573
Publicación: 10/2014
Idioma: Inglés
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Allow your imagination to run wild into times long forgotten and stories well known. Follow along with the many lives of our heroine, an angel who was created to be the gift of love. This collection of surprisingly erotic stories traverses through 10 separate tales of our heroine’s infinitely long existence and will take you all the way from the far-reaching past to present day. The many adventures she takes us on are miraculous, dangerous, and so very painful, but the power of love prevails despite the turmoil that can make up life. This is an epic novel of romance, of love given and taken in so many ways, and of the intimate desires and secret yearnings in our souls that go unfulfilled. Forever Limitless Love is more than a book to sit and flip through just to pass the time. It was created to stir the emotions and carry you to another time and place, as though it were a memory of where you have already been. In all truth, you are a chapter of the story untold. You are a part of this Forever Limitless Love.