Never Laugh at love

Never Laugh at love

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Editorial: Barbara Cartland
ISBN: 9781782131199
Publicación: 11/2014
Idioma: Inglés
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Anthea Forthingdale and her sisters Thais, Chloe, and Phebe have all been named after famous poems.After their father’s death at Waterloo, the girls and their lovely mother, Christobel, are alone and isolated, living in poverty on a small Yorkshire village. Struggling for money and appropriate suitors for her daughter, In May 1819 Lady Forthingdale writes to an old friend, the Countess of Sheldon in London and asks if she will have her godchild Anthea come for the rest of the season. The Countess is delighted to have Anthea as her guest because otherwise her husband wishes to leave for the country. Anthea meets the handsome Duke of Axminster and must overcome his apparent boredom of her. in her.