River, The Machine

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Editorial: Ediciones Granica
ISBN: 9789506419417
Publicación: 01/2018
Idioma: Español
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Two headers in the area do not always score a goal. Goals, triumphs and sports successes are the result of an undecipherable, multivariable and very complex equation. However, there is not even a positive balancing of all those variables that secures that the ball will strike the net. There is always a fair amount of luck involved. Since we are talking about a zero-sum game – one wins and the other necessarily loses – success or failure cannot be exclusively measured according to sports results.
Who would not like to win on Sunday? However, to win every Sunday on the game field is desirable – perhaps necessary – but not enough. As it is also not enough having a surplus balance every year. We have created a model of indicators and analysis to measure and understand the management of the passing years, by connecting the management to the sports results and the social initiatives. Intentions without management are nothing but intentions, but management without results is nothing but management. In this book we have focused on the interpretation of three elements as an indivisible unit: Cups, Surplus and Social Commitment,an ideal formulation for a perfect equation.