The Temptation of Torilla

The Temptation of Torilla

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Editorial: Barbara Cartland
ISBN: 9781782130598
Publicación: 11/2014
Idioma: Inglés
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The Marquis of Havingham visits his mother in Harrogate to tell her he intends to marry Lady Beryl Fern, the most acclaimed beauty in the Prince Regent’s circle. This should be the happiest day of his life. He is handsome, fabulously wealthy and now about to be a bridegroom. There is only one cloud on the horizon: He is not in love. Convinced that true love is not worth the heartache, and that marriage to the "Incomparable" Lady Beryl, will work because of their shared interests and position amongst the Beau Monde, only his mother is worried that he may be making a terrible mistake. For Torilla, the daughter of a clergyman working in the deprived mining village of Barrowfield, the news of the wedding means travelling south to be her cousin, Lady Beryl’s, bridesmaid.