Pablo Picasso

Anatoli Podoksik
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In this book one can find many artworks created by Picasso between 1881 and 1914. The first style of the artist was influenced by the works of El Greco, Munch and Toulouse-Lautrec, artists that he discovered when he was a student in Barcelona. Picasso, fascinated by the psychological expression during his Blue period (1901-1904), expresses his own mental misery: his genre paintings, still-lifes and portraits were full of melancholy. Later, Picasso began to paint acrobats during his Circus period. After his voyage to Paris, in 1904, his aestheticism evolved considerably. Cezanne’s influence and Spanish culture led him to Cubism, which …
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Pablo Picasso, Contrée, 1944. (Print executed 1943). #museumofmodernart #pablopicasso

Pablo Picasso, Model and Sculptor with His Sculpture, from Suite Vollard, 1933 #museumarchive #pablopicasso

Portrait of Jaime Sabartes as Grandee, 1939 #pablopicasso #picasso

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